Monday, April 20, 2009

New picture!!

This is a quick post to point out who the new picture is in my blog. That picture is of my second daughter Victoria. Its my favorite picture of her ever. She was not a very smiley baby, it took a lot to get her to smile so we were doing pretty good to get this shot of her. By the way, her birthday is coming up on the 29th and she will be 11 years old. I cant wait to post her birth story later in the month.


Anonymous said...

Now that I look again...I see a lot of similarities between Victoria and Skyler!!! Can't wait to see what the new peanut is going to look like!!

- R

Anonymous said...

Awe, well I'm sorry I got it wrong. She's adorable though! :)It was rough to get a picture of Wyatt smiling too. Now though, he a big ol ball of goo. Go figure right?

Lerin said...

SOOOOO cute!