Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ultrasound and Bio physicals!!

The appointment went well. The baby looks great. His kidney problem is slowly going away and I don't think we have anything to worry about. The bigger he gets in gestation, the better the kidneys get. I'm happy about that.
He is now 3 whole pounds. Can you believe that? I sure can. Especially when I roll over in bed and feel like my organs are going to come out my throat. LOL I can not lay on my back anymore because its just to heavy.

The only down for me is that I will be going to the doctor for these bio physicals every week now. Oh, and my blood pressure was a little high even though I am taking medication so they upped the meds and hopefully that will make the blood pressure go down. It wasn't to high at 143/94 but that is on medication so that's not good.

The videos below are of the test they did on his heart and movements. Little guy sure gave them a run for there money. You can hear some really loud noises and the heartbeat goes away sometimes because he is just moving so much. And yes Rebekah, I bet he will be just like Skyler with all his activeness. Arnt we blessed to have active and vivacious children. LOL

So back to the doctor in a week. Fun Fun. I told you this little guy will be the most photographed unborn baby I've had yet. :)

This is my favorite because you can see his profile. Look how cute he is. The second one is of course his boy parts and the third is the most difficult to see but it is like looking straight on at his face.


LL said...

He is certainly active! Prayers continued for a healthy pregancy, healthy baby!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the little man is getting stronger as he grows. Every week now? I guess that means you are getting closer to delivery. As far as your blood pressure goes it can't help that your home life has been a bit stressful.
What about the big brother big sister program for chelsea? Have you heard of it? That might be something to get her chin up a bit. She has seen a lot in her little life, it might be good for her to have an older friend to talk too.
Do you think you'll post pics of the adoptive parents on their visit? I guess that is a sensitive subject to be posting. Well I sure do love you. Many many blessings on you, the baby, and your family. Many blessings also to the adoptive parents.


Paulette said...

So glad to hear that all is well... I can understand your pressure being up lately. Just keep taking those deep breaths in...and let them out toooo! You are doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

He is sooo cute! I love his little smile. :) I hope your blood pressure gets under control. Have fun this weekend!

Ginger said...

I'm glad the baby is doing well! Hope the meds help you get your blood pressure under better control.

Lerin said...

I am so there with you... the inability to breathe if I lay on my back, feeling like baby is smooshing all my vital organs! And we still have a ways to go!

I will be praying about your blood pressure. I hope the upped dosage helps!