Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today is the day for baby's bio physicals. I remember that is what they call it. So during the ultrasound they will check for everything.

Thank you everyone for your loving support and strength you give me. I appreciate your comments. It makes me feel NOT so alone. :)

I had a very tough night last night with Chelsea. She completely freaked out after I took her MP3 player away for being really disrespectful and mean to everyone in the family. Some really hateful and mean things came out of her mouth. It was very hard to hear and confusing to know what to do. BUT, I did pray for wisdom and was able to talk to my best friend Carrie (the kids Auntie) and through the evening things seemed to iron themselves out. I did again discover that Chelsea is extremely bitter at her father and I. She blames us for her having a terrible life (she really doesn't have a bad life) and she said she hated us. Hard words to hear. :(

I just kept remembering that she is a hormonal teenager and tried not to let it get me down. Eventually because I stayed calm and stuck to my guns she was able to come out of her fit. So scary. It makes me sad that my kids are growing up pretty much with out there dad. I wish it were different for them and I pray that somehow God can fill in the empty gaps.

Like I said before I used to pray that God would hold off on the rapture so I could be a mom...LOL....well..... now I pray "Come Lord Jesus." Like its my call anyway....LOL SO funny.

Ill update more tonight with pictures of baby.


mak'n Changes said...

What r the odds of allowing her to stay with her dad for a while?


Kriss said...

Awww, huge hugs. Maybe she is just acting out since in a few weeks her life is fixing to change. She will have a new little brother and then going to her dad's for the summer. She is at a tough age right now. Stand strong!