Thursday, April 2, 2009

7 months down, 3 to go!!

Today does mark the 28th week mark. I'm still doing fine but feeling more pregnant every day. As I mentioned before, I have my ultrasound on the 8th as well as my OB appointment. Ill update on that more on the 8th.

Things have been very busy around here. A day or so ago I had no Internet for the whole day due to an outage. It came back on the next day and all was well.

We had our first Thorn (Easter Play) performance last night. It was really a soft dress rehearsal, but they always open the first one up to friends and family. While we were all having a good time at the play, a snow storm swept in. The bad part was that it was warm so the first part of the snow just melted caused a sheet of ice under the fresh fallen snow. It was so scary driving home. My sweet mother followed us to make sure we were safe, and then she picked me up at my car in my apartment complex and drove me to the grass so that I wouldn't slip on the street. My mom is so sweet.

So this morning I get a call at six thirty in the morning from Victoria's teacher. She was letting me know that the field trip was still on but the kids needed to be there at six forty five. WHAT!!!!!! I had to drive her to school? The teacher said it was previously discussed. Where have I been? Its an all day field trip and they would be gone till five o'clock this evening. So anyway, I was running around the house trying to at least throw a bra on and wake Victoria up. Here the two of us go, flying out the door, me in my PJ's and her with her unbrushed hair and no breakfast. I am crying my eyes out because I am sure that we wont make it and I'm so afraid of her being disappointed. I'm dealing with the ice shuffling to the car and going crazy trying to find something to get the ice off my windshield. I even tried driving with my head out the window but decided that wasn't safe. Eventually I got us down the road and to the school where we bus and no kids. I was bawling. Victoria runs in the school and checks anyway. With the good Lords grace, we discovered that the kids were in the classroom getting ready to go and the buses were parked in the back. WE MADE IT!!!! The day was saved. (sigh) Now I need a nap. LOL

Having kids is such a challenge. All the little things keep me so busy. One of them being food. Snacks and meals and all of the preparing and cleaning and keeping everyone content. Its exhausting. I am thankful though to have an older child now who can actually babysit when I need to do things (like this morning) and run out. I can feel safe knowing that the other kids are ok with sissy watching over them for a short time. For so long I have just taken all four of them with me at all times. So this is different.

Speaking of different, today marks the last day we will be teenager less. Tomorrow, Chelsea turns 13. I will be writing her birth story and maybe posting some very early pictures of my curly hair beauty. What a gift she is. (OK Becky, don't cry)

Lastly, I treated myself to a couple dollar movie rentals. I highly recommend them. One is "Marley and me, and Seven Pounds." They are both criers which I love.

Until tomorrow.


mak'n Changes said...

I'm so glad u posted. I started to worry a bit but jow I totally understand. You r one busy girl!
When I use to be a group home mom to 10 teen boys I was so overwhelmed with all the little things that i'd forget the big things too. I feel your pain!
I love you and am glad you r safe. Im looking forward to chelseas story.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to ESCAPE the snow! Are we going to have snow there over Easter???

I'm glad that you are safe and sound...I hate mornings like that! And feel for you!

I can't wait to hear Chelsea's birth story and see those curly locks (we curly haired girls have to stick together!!)

- R

Lerin said...

SO looking forward to the birth story. :) And I am majorly impressed you got out of the house in fifteen short minutes. NO WAY I could do that!