Monday, March 30, 2009

My terrable horrible no good very bad day!!

I guess it wasn't as bad as the title would make it sound, but its the best I could come up with. By the way, that's a great children's book (my title). I used to read it when I was little, I love it.

So it wasn't that good of a day. I already posted today but I needed to get some stuff out since, I have nobody else to talk to.

First thing that happened was my AVON boxes. AVON has there own delivery trucks so they don't use the popular shipping methods, they have there own. I was expecting about three boxes of Avon books and just some other supplies like bags and brochures. Apparently the AVON truck delivered the boxes to my door, MY APARTMENT DOOR. Well, someone must have thought that I was a seasoned AVON lady and that those boxes contained all AVON products because they stole all the boxes. I checked every place, even my neighbors who apparently saw the boxes but didn't see who swiped them. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!! The order has been replaced but I wont get my books for another week. What a waste of time. Generally if someone is not home, you take them to the office for safe keeping. I just have a hard time with the person who felt that they could steal something like that and then live with themselves. I hope they enjoy the almost 200 Avon books.

Then I find out that I probably am going to be on a hiatus from my job for...well maybe...forever. LOL Not forever but I babysit from home so if the parents of the children I work for don't work, then I don't get paid, thus no job. The dad can not hold a job, so I am out of luck. I don't know what is going to happen in that area. We will see what unfolds.

The agency lady called today and said she was probably going to stop over today and pick up the paperwork. She said she had to take another girl to the doctor and then she would maybe stop by but she would call before she came. Her last words were "Ill call you in a little bit." I got the house cleaned up, spent another hour on the last of the paperwork, and she never called and never showed up. I hate it when people leave things like that. If I say I'm going to call then I call, even if its to say "hay, I'm not going to show up." GRRRRRRR!! {{EDITED TO SAY}} Apparently the agency lady did call me until SEVEN o'clock that night but my phone was busy. I went to check this out when I found out and discovered that something was wrong with my phone line. Oh my, I feel terrible about this. It was my fault. I called her this morning and apologized up and down and gave her my cell number in case it happened again. She was sweet and gracious. OOPPSSS!!!

So, when the kids came home from school and started fighting like cats and dogs I lost it. I don't know what it was. I have mentioned before that I have to have a good cry every few months....well today..I made good of that notion. I think I cried in the bathroom for over a half hour. I couldn't stop, the tears just kept coming. I was so broken. I kept crying out to God that I needed him. I eventually felt some peace and was able to leave the bathroom. But now I am just so tired and still a bit weary. I know my problems are small, but in the moment they seem so big. I know I have a promise from God that he will supply all my needs according to his riches and glory. And you know what, my God is pretty rich.

So, I end the day still frazzled. I know I need a good nights sleep. But I know even more that God is walking beside me through all this and he wont leave me. Sometimes I am just ready to start a new chapter. Patience!!!

OK, and lastly, just to lighten the mood from this very dark is a picture of me when I was about ten.

Now come on, wasn't I a beauty? (belly laugh) You have got to love the glasses.

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mak'n Changes said...

What a crappy day! Its good to cry, I think. I bet u r looking forward to this summer huh. Kids will be gone and u get to start your next chapter. Did u say u were hoping to go back to school? Or did I get tha wrong? The future is always nice to look forward too. I love u becky and I admire your fighters spirit! U amaze me!