Friday, March 20, 2009

I hate finding titles for new posts!!!

Its incredible, my son is actually taking a nap with the day care kids. In separate rooms of course, but I have an unbelievable two hours (crossing fingers) to do what I want. *sigh*

Today was a whirlwind. My daughters birthday is coming up on April 3rd. She is going to be 13. A TEENAGER!!! I cant believe this. I have been a mommy for 13 years. (detailed birth story to come) Anyway, I generally do very simple family birthday parties but for some birthdays I really like to do special things. The ages I really think are special are ten, because you have reached the double digits, thirteen, because your a teenager now, and sixteen, because you can drive. So Chelsea decided she wanted to go to Mr. Biggs which is a huge fun place with bumper cars and just a load of fun. Now generally this place is about seventeen dollars a kid for an all day pass, but I bought the birthday package for 99 dollars. That will include eight kids and two hours of unlimited play time, plus other things but that's the main stuff. This is a very special birthday. So I scheduled that today and then had to run and get invitations, fill them out and then drop them off at her school because next week is spring break and she wont see her friends. (breath) All this while tugging around the baby in my belly, a six month old and two three year olds. LOL What a site.

Good news on the adoption. It looks like all the information I have been told over the past few months is wrong. :) I am so excited because we can get Ron to terminate his rights sixty days before baby is due. That's at the end of April. That is going to fly by. I cant WAIT to get him out of the picture. I was really not looking forward to then end when I had to wait to find out if this man was going to live up to his word and cooperate. So this is good GREAT news.

The second piece of good news is that I am pretty sure we have our agency picked out and ready to go here in my state. I finally have someone that I can call and get straight forward answers. The bad news is that I know it is costing R and B a ton of money. Why does it have to be this way? All they want is a baby. I thought selling babies was wrong....not that I am selling my baby but someone is making a killing off this couple wanting a baby. Its just not fair. I don't like the system, I think it uses and abuses. No wonder people like Angelina Jolie can adopt so many babies with such ease....if you have the money, they pretty much hand you children.
R and B are taking everything by stride. I think they are the most strong and loving people I know. All they are going through for baby heart makes me so proud that they will be mommy and daddy to my baby. Its not fair, its not right all that they are going through, but it will be worth it and all this will be a distant memory when baby comes.

I did get brave and I have sent two belly photos to Rebekah. I will NOT post the originals because I think they are terrible...but with Rebekah's talent with photoshop, I am totally glammed up and they actually look (dare I say?) cute.

The doctor called and said that I could wait the four weeks in between appointments after all. My next appointment with ultrasound will be April 8th. I am glad there is a bit of time. I am getting a little concerned. I am noticing a little bit of swelling in my ankles. This is not a good sign. I have decided to give it a bit of time to clear up on its own before letting the doctor know. Baby continues to move well. His movements are getting very strong. I am watching my salt intake and my blood pressure is under control so things are going pretty well.

This is going to be quite an emotional roller coaster for all who is involved in this. :) We will see what comes next.


Ginger said...

The belly pics are beautiful.

mak'n Changes said...

Yay! I'm so glad things are working out with the father and the agency! Chelsea is gonna have a great birthday! She is lucky to have you for sure. That belly pic is real cute.

Lerin said...

I think I will die when Sophie turns 13. Something about knowing your firstborn is a teenager... it must feel CRAZY!

Take good care of you, I hope the swelling is nothing to worry about!