Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our far!!!

I took the two middle kids to Chucke Cheese today for a birthday party. I decided it would be fun for Skyler to run around and play while the other two were having the party. There was this cool machine that would sketch your picture and I thought it would be really cool to get me and Skyler's picture sketched. I was so wrong. He was NOT in the mood and would not sit still. He was WAY to busy for it. I wanted to do it anyway and so here are our only two attempts.

The first one shot our picture before I knew what was going on. The second one, as you can see, he was not happy about...but hey, we got our picture sketched. LOL Oh, the memories.

Chelsea didn't go to the party because she started throwing up this morning. She wasn't going to attend the party anyway but was going to sit with me. Then after the party, Victoria starting feeling sick. So I have two girls in the living room on this beautiful Saturday afternoon sick on the couches sipping Ginger Ale.

I watched the movie "boy in the striped pajamas." What a terribly sad but true movie. I enjoyed it, but again was sad by what people are capable of.


Anonymous said...

You both look really sweet in the photos.

mak'n Changes said...

Ha ha! Awe skyler, its so hard being a kiddo. What a fun time u had its no wonder he didn't want to sit down. Poor kid! When I saw u posted a new blog my heart lepd and I was so happy. I enjoy your posts! Love u!


Lerin said...

Last time we went to Chuck E Cheese was Valentine's Day as a special treat for the kids... and I have a three year old too, so I totally understand. ;) How funny!

I read the follow up comments on your last post, and just wanted to come out from behind the "Anonymous" thing. I was worried about getting negative comments from some of your more zealous anti-adoption posters, but I do have comment moderation so I will just delete them and ignore if it happens. ;)

BC is short for Beautiful Chaos, the name of my blog.

Nice to meet you, and God bless you and your babies! :)

Kelly said...

How you doing Rebekah?

Ever since the last post, I've been daily coming back to see if you've posted again any "life" updates- I hope your blog gives you support not arguments. Pregnancy is exhausting enough, isn't it?

Is there anything you need? You've really been on my heart...

Rebekah said...

Thank you Kelly. I wish I could write you back but I dont have access to your blog. It must be private. :)