Sunday, March 1, 2009


Matthew (my nine year old) accompanied me today to the grocery store. He was sweet and helpful and I think was trying to make up for getting in trouble for fighting with his sister less then an hour ago. Anyway, he was doing great. We got our groceries and drove home and I called the girls to come out and help put things away. I tried to voice to all the children that all the groceries needed to be brought in, and if they were all brought in then they could all have the snack I bought for them (Carmel corn, very special treat). The girls were doing a good job bringing the stuff in but Matthew seemed to have disappeared. Now we live in an apartment. Our apartment is set so that the back patio faces this big grassy field with a playground and it is surrounded by a few bushes but more inportatly, MANY different buildings. Unfortunately the bushes are an important part of this story.

Well when all the groceries were brought in Matthew seemed to reappear. Here is how the conversation went.

Mom: Matt, I told you that you needed to help with the groceries. Where were you?

Matt: (states clearly and without guilt) OK mom, Ill tell you, I was peeing on a bush.

I then went on to tell him that NOBODY wants to see his weenie and that he is not allowed to pee on the bushes anymore. I have no idea how many times he has done this. (sigh) Boys!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh, that is HILARIOUS! I better start preparing now for having a boy...I hear they're way different from girls.... :)


mak'n Changes said...

that is the funniest thing I heard all day! why do boys do that? I guess cause they can and its easy to hide. shoot, sometimes I wish I was a boy just for that very reason. *laugh*
when carrie and I had an apartment together, I looked out my window and watched a group of teens spelling there name on the brick wall with their pee! OMG! I was horrified!

Anonymous said...

Rebekah you should not assume you are going to have her child. What if she changes her mind after he is born? She might not change her mind but does she need to feel obligated to give you her child?

Anonymous said...

What a horrible response by Anonymous. This is every adoptive moms WORST fear. This is the reason many don't adopt. Who is this cruel person??