Saturday, February 28, 2009


We were at church the other night and were practicing for our Easter play when we all heard "thunk." I looked over and saw a boy seizing on the carpet. We all started gathering around him, trying to make sure that he didn't hit his head on the chairs. One man had his whole body braced between his feet so that the boy didn't move much. I just stood there with tears in my eyes. My son was on my right and my daughter was on my left, and I could see the concern on there face. My daughter wouldn't leave this boy until she was sure he was going to be OK. He did come out of the seizure and the paramedics came. Later that night I learned that this 13 year old boy has cancer. He had just been put on a new form of chemo and was having a reaction to it. I look at this boy and he is the same age as my oldest. I have nothing to complain about. I have thought about this boy every day since it happen and I just cant get him out of my head. I keep going back to my kids and am blessed to have such healthy children, but I know that can be taken away in a moment. I find that to often I don't take time to appreciate what has been given to me. My kids are not even my own, they are Gods and I am here only to take care of them and then send them off to do the same thing as I am doing, but hopefully better. Thank you God for my kids.

I was feeling down last week. I was tired of doing the same thing every day. There was nothing to look forward to (so I thought) and I was just being a big bum. I decided to pack up the kids and head to walmart. When I got there I stepped out of the car, I felt a cool breeze and I saw this......

And this..................

And I realized that I had nothing to complain about or to be bummed about, I only needed some fresh air and a change of scenery. I live in a beautiful city. The mountain is only about 20 minutes away. I love my town.

I had such a good night tonight. I was so bored today and just (again) tired of looking at my walls. LOL (I really need a good book to read) My mom decided to come over and stay and ended up doing so till about nine. It was nice to have company in the house and someone to talk to.

We talked a lot about the adoption. I think she is as excited as I am about it. I am so grateful to have support of my family. I will have my mom at the birth. She is really excited that she gets to be there. I wouldn't have it any other way.


mak'n Changes said...

what a great post becky! Man that scenery up there is gorgeous! I loved it when i was there years back. Im glad your mom is so supportive of you doing this. Has she been at any of your kids births? Well, I love you tons and tons and tons!!!

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful, inside and out :)


Anonymous said...

Ditto Kate's comment! :)

I love those moments God gives us to remind us just how much he loves us. When we grasp it, there's just so much to be thankful for... (sometimes it's just so hard to grasp)

I'm glad He showed himself to you in the clouds...and the mountain...and your kids. My prayers have been that he surrounds you by his peace and goodness. It looks like He's doing just that!

Love you, your kids, and that gorgeous mountain! :)