Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love, and my second post for the day!!

I just read Rebekah's blog for the day. Well, I said her name but I don't think she will mind. She has the same name as me, Isn't that amazing? I have never met anyone who spelled there name the same as me. Anyway, I had to blog on my feelings towards some of her post.

When I first started out this journey, my main concern and main caution was getting two people involved ...

Paused because the doctor just called to confirm my ultrasound tomorrow combined with my OB appointment. YIPPEE!!

OK, so anyway, I was made aware by the adoption agency that the adoptive parents are aware of all the risks. I had no idea that adoption held so many risks when I first decided. I thought that since I had made the decision to relinquish my child to adoption that it was settled and that was the way it was going to be. My heart sunk when I realized that my particular state (Colorado) did not allow for the father to relinquish there rights before the baby is born. Of course there are other states that allow that but not mine. This is where I got really scared but then, I decided to go completely on faith and allow God to control the situation. That is all I can

So anyway on the love thing which is what this entry is titled. Love is such a simple word, but over the years I have learned that love is not so simple of a thing. It takes work, it is a decision and most of all......its scary. It is really scary to put everything on the line and make the decision to love with all your heart. While I was reading Rebekah's blog (also keeping B in mind at all times) she said that she had made a "decision" to love this baby despite the risks and despite the warnings to keep herself "cautiously optimistic." How selfless, how wonderful this couple is. They certainly could guard there hearts and step back a little in an effort to self protect, goes to show the amount of love they will have for my baby.

This is exactly why I picked them, but I now know that actually God picked them, I just followed his lead.

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mak'n Changes said...

OOps,, ok,,, you answered my question that i posted in your first blog of the day.
I agree about Rebekah, when i was reading her blog last night I was made quickly aware of the amount of love and support they will get in raising this baby. She has sooo many supporters on her blog,, have you read all the comments she got on her big reveal of the baby? she got sooo much love!
anyway,, I always say it,, but the truth must be spoken. YOU ARE THE STRONGEST AND MOST AMAZING WOMAN I KNOW! Im real proud of you becky!
oh hey,, i was wondering,, do you have a strong support system there in colorado to love on you when times get tough after the fact? I would love to go and help you with the kids and just be there with you,,, money is real tight here, but its in the back of my mind. would you be willing for me to do that?