Saturday, February 21, 2009

almost 23 weeks?

I really don't know what day of the week I actually turn 23 weeks. I wish I knew. It used to be that I switched weeks on Sundays, then it turned to Thursdays. I think I will keep it at that. I'm going to say that I'm 23 weeks.

Today was a good day. All three older kids got there new glasses. I was hoping they would all have there fathers eyes, but it turns out that two of them keep having there prescriptions upped, and then Victoria now needs reading glasses. Ugggg!!! They all think its cool right now but they will soon find out that it is such a handicap to have bad eyes.

We went to the park today and even though it was a bit chilly and windy we still had fun. After that we went to the kids Aunt's house to have dinner. We made tacos and home made salsa and cherry cobbler. I am so stuffed.

I am feeling horrible today. I periodically get really bad allergy attacks that just really wipe me out. My nose wont stop running and I sneeze all the time and my head is pounding. I hate taking any medication while pregnant but I did get some Tylenol sinus approved by my OB so I took some today. I hate doing that but I am miserable. These attacks usually pass within a couple days.

I am starting to notice my growing belly more. When I go into public restrooms I accidentally hit my tummy with the stall door because I am not used to compensating for a growing belly. This is the fun part of pregnancy, when your belly starts to grow and people actually start noticing that I'm not just FAT, I'm pregnant. LOL

I have also been noticing that something strange is poking me in my upper right side, kinda high on my belly. Its right under my ribs and it is just a funny feeling. I can almost push it down. For a while I thought that it couldn't possibly be the baby because I didn't think he could reach that high yet, and my mind started to wonder to things it could be, but now I think that it has to be the baby. I don't think any of my children have stretched themselves up there before. LOL It doesn't hurt, but its just uncomfortable. Silly boy.

I was watching the "biggest looser" tonight. I liked all of it except the parts that they showed that girl throwing up. Usually they blur that stuff out but they showed all of it. I about lost my tacos. So nasty....but I was thinking that I wished I looked like those girls. I know they have a lot of weight to loose but I have more. I cant wait till baby boy is here and I can start putting my body back where it belongs. I am looking forward to expressing my milk because it will help me loose 500 calories a day just by doing that. Not to mention all the little babies I am going to help by donating my milk. I am excited.

Well I have to go to bed. My eyes are burning and my head is pounding. I am hoping I wake up to a better feeling day.


mak'n Changes said...

Hey very cute new page. Im glad you guys had a good day. Family days are fun and great for memories. Glad you had fun at "the kids aunt"

Rebekah said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that baby boy is using your belly as a jungle gym! And you should take pictures of your belly, so we can watch you grow! :)

Oh, and I hear you on the glasses thing, Ben and I both wear glasses and it's a pain! I'm hoping to have corrective eye surgery in the next few years so that I don't have to deal with it anymore!

Counting down the days until we get to meet!


Anonymous said...