Friday, February 13, 2009

The day after!!!

OK, so now I am rested and am going to finish up my post from yesterday. If you have not read yesterdays post.....its a good one because it tells what sex the baby is. So exciting. So here is me before the appointment. I did chop my hair off a few weeks back. I really do have hair at the top of my head but because I took the picture obviously I cut the top of my head off. Sheesh!!

As you can see, I was bored waiting for the doctor to come in so the above picture is the bed I would be laying on and the bottom picture is the lovely doctors office sink. Isn't it homey? LOL
OH...I FORGOT! The doctor always measures your fundal height which is the measurement between your pubic bone and the top of your uterus. They measure you in centimeters and it should line up with how many weeks you are. I am measuring 22. I always thought that I would measure really big because I am over weight, but from my experience, my being overweight has never impacted the measurements. So I am measuring a week ahead of my NEW due date of June 25th.
Rebekah and B sent me a package that arrived yesterday. They wanted me to have a present on the very special ultrasound day. It was so sweet. Each kid got a Valentines gift and I got some wonderful pictures of the two of them (which I will cherish forever) and some wonderful shirts. How thoughtful. Rebekah knew that my wardrobe is very horrible (because I had mentioned it). So this is GREAT. Here is a picture of us below with the kids and there gifts.
The last picture is of the girls and there socks. So cute!!!!

So, lastly I will be waiting for the doctor to call me today. I am already showing signs of PIH (pre-eclampsia) and so they want to get a handle on it now. I got VERY sick after Skyler was born three years ago. I had to be hospitalized and put on magnesium sulfate to bring down my blood pressure. That magnesium is a drug from HELL. I do not want it and I will refuse it if they are going to give it to me. In fact, I am going to make it part of my birth plan. I have had it with two births now and I know my body enough that there are other methods to bringing my blood pressure down besides that terrible drug. It nearly drives me in sane.
Well, I'm off today and the doctor has told me to rest. Yeah right. That is so hard for me to do. I rented two movies from the red box but my mind is swimming with things that need to be done. (sigh) Would it be considered resting to go walk the mall? LOL
Until later!!!!

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mak'n Changes said...

Ok,,, love the hair,, how funny that while I was at the gym this morning and my hair was flopping in my face I was picturing the same haircut for myself.
how nice that Rebekah would send a package. I bet the kids were excited huh. Nice to have pics of the parents for your memories. It would be good to keep a photo album of all these steps and journeys you are taking thru this pregnancy. For future sake, ya know.
Im real happy for ya beck! Love you forever