Wednesday, February 4, 2009

18 weeks and 3 days!!

I have no idea but I am watching a show about a colossal squid. LOL Weird Hugh.

American Idol was pretty good tonight, but I really liked "17 kids and counting."

So I'm almost nineteen weeks today. I am defiantly feeling better but I feel like I am showing very soon this pregnancy. Its not that other people can tell, but I just can tell. I have really big boobs, (sorry TMI) so it hides my belly better then it would most people.

I can feel the baby move here and there but not like I would like to to keep me from worrying. I know in just a few short weeks and I will feel the baby all the time.

This week has been pretty uneventful. I have so much to do around the house. This Friday is my big grocery day. More and more I am going to have to depend on the kids to help me with the heavy work. I'm so glad that Chelsea has taken to doing the laundry because my laundry facilities are upstairs. So this means dragging all the heavy laundry up one and a half flights of stairs several times. I do about nine to ten loads of laundry a week so this is a lot of work. She doesn't mind doing it and so I have been letting her and in return I will do some of her house chores.

I can tell that physically this pregnancy is going to be hard for me. Defiantly a challenge. I will get through it just like all the other pregnancies.

I'm so tired, and I think I'm going to go lay down and enjoy the squid show. :)

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Anonymous said...

No more worrying. Little babyheart is healthy and strong and God has a perfect plan for his/her life....and yours too. :)