Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pictures and much much more!!!

I love Wednesdays. Me and the kids have a good reason to get out of the house and so we quite enjoy the day. I live in a 1100 square foot apartment so it can get quite boring sometimes. I hate being inside all the time. So on Wednesdays Chelsea goes to counseling and then I take her back to school. Today, after I dropped her off we ran over, or I should say we drove over, to Chick-Fil-A and let them play on the indoor play land. They love it. By that time it is nearly twelve o'clock so I run home and put everyone down for a nap. AHHHHHH!!! Then I get to sit and have some quiet time. Fun Fun!

So, today at Chelsea's counseling I had a very good conversation with Linda (the counselor)before Chelsea came in. We were talking about the kids and just how to approach disrespect and other fun parenting things when the adoption came up. Now, I totally respect this lady, she has done so much for me and my kids so anything that comes out of her mouth is like gold to me. So anyway, she said to me "I would HIGHLY suggest that you let the adoptive parents hold and touch the baby as soon as possible and as much as possible." We were not talking about that in particular, we were talking about how Victoria doesn't want to go to Arizona, but instead stay here to see the baby born. So that comment threw me off, but ironically I have thought about that subject on many many occasions. I truly want B and R to have as many firsts as possible. It is there baby so they should be handed the baby first off but on a selfish note, I want to be the one to hand them the baby. We will see how it plays out in the end. But I feel very strong about letting them have all the first hugs and kisses, I figure I can get all mine later after the fact.

So, I wanted to post some pictures. First, I must tell you about my dog. Her name is Maggie. She is a full bread Pekingese and she is just over a year old. Because of the bread of dog she is, she requires hair cuts many times a year. I have called many places to check on the price of grooming, and I can never get myself to pay the super high prices that they charge. So, to get around spending so much money, I have always cut her hair myself, except this time, it went very wrong. I wish I had a before picture but I just don' here is an after picture. In my defence, my clippers broke before I could get her that is why she looks the way she does.

You can see how long her hair used to be down by her rump. LOL
Here is Matthew right before the bus came in his very dirty coat. I can not keep that thing clean...he is such a boy.
Victoria would not let me take her picture, so I only have this distance shot of her walking to the bus.
Here is Chelsea on a good day :)

And of course, Skyler.


mak'n Changes said...

I love, love, love the pictures! Chelsea is just gorgeous! That victoria,, she is such a girl isnt she, not letting the camera catch her,,, *laugh* I just cant believe how fast the kids are growing.
Last night I was thinking about you and the kids and I was wondering what your thoughts are on the kids being there for the birth, and will they get to meet the baby etc.
How does it work in Colorado? Do you get to give the baby away right then and there or not? I think you touched on it before but I cant remember.
Love you beck!

Amber, That's Me! said...

They are all so cute and handsome!