Friday, March 6, 2009

Phone calls....

I honestly hate making up titles for blog entries. I can never find anything amusing or fun to put on the title so my titles are boring. LOL

Last week I had a dream that baby boy was born and I had no way to contact Rebekah and Ben. Now I realize that if worse came to worse I could probably contact the agency but that's not very fun. I decided to give Rebekah my phone number and just let her know that it was not an obligation for her to give me hers but just an open door. I knew that it was the one thing that we were hesitant to do so I wasn't sure. I got an email back from her that she was also ready to give me her phone number and so that day we exchanged numbers. She didn't call me though but left the door open for me to call her.

So here I have her phone number for almost a week and had not called her. I am a very outgoing person but for some reason I was very nervous to call her. Not to mention I had laryngitis and I didn't want her to hear my voice like that. Well, after about two weeks of having this laryngitis I realized it was just going to hang out and at least it was better then before, but my voice is still a little lower then it usually is. Oh well, I decided to pick up the phone and call her last night. I got all the kids to bed and (in bed but they were not asleep) dialed her phone number. I was really nervous. I dial the number and hear on the other line "hello", I said "hello Rebekah?" On the other end I hear a very calm "yes this is Rebekah." I'm my mind I thought (this is the truth Rebekah) she is so calm. LOL I said "Its me Rebekah." I was laughing my head off this morning reading her blog where she said that when she saw my number pop up she was dancing around the room but managed to pull it together when she spoke. This is exactly the feeling I got when I heard her voice. SO FUNNY! I love this gal.

Anyway, we spoke for two hours last night and it was so wonderful. I cant even began to go into all we spoke about but it truly was like two old friends talking. I really felt like we clicked. It was so wonderful. I was worried because I knew she was two to three hours ahead of me and I wasn't sure if she was getting tired or not. :) It went so well. Thank you Rebekah for the wonderful phone call.

Baby boy is hopping around and doing well. I am 24 weeks now. How amazing. I'm more then half way through. Thank the good Lord. LOL I have my next ultrasound and OB appointment on Wednesday the 11th. My mom is watching Skyler and so It will be a nice calm and quiet visit.

Shout out: To my dear cousin. I love you girl. You are doing wonderful on your weight loss. I hope to join you soon. (hugs)

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mak'n Changes said...

Ha, ha,, that is a funny post. I can totally picture the both of you freakin out on the inside and calm on the outside.
24 weeks huh? Dang! What a fun ride you are giving me as I sit in the back seat observing the journey. *wink*
Love you cuz