Wednesday, March 18, 2009

25.6 weeks and 99 days to go!!

WOW! I have been watching my ticker (at the bottom of my blog). I just couldn't wait to see that ticker say 99 days. Its funny. All my other pregnancies were SOOOOO long. It seemed like I was pregnant as long as an elephant. This one is surprisingly fast. Its probably because I have so many kids to keep me busy and unlike the other pregnancies I don't spend every moment dwelling on how much time I have left.

I'm really scared for the delivery. I know I need an epidural and I know I will get one but they are very painful to get. Its not necessarily the pain of the needles they put in, but its the terrible electric shocks that go down your knees and bounce back up your body until he has it right. I have had five epidurals in my life and none of them were comfortable. But the relief they give is worth all the discomfort.

Well my meeting went well yesterday with the Avon lady. I am official now. It cost me a whole ten dollars. In the future it will cost me about twenty dollars to buy 100 books but that will be the only cost. I am sure hoping that something comes of it. I would love to be successful with it. I also will have an online account to be able to sell to people all over the country, they don't have to be here in my state. If it doesn't work out, then I lost ten dollars. :)

Baby boy is doing great. The doctor called and said I'm doing so well that he moved my appointment (with ultrasound) to the 8th of April. This is great because the appointments are going to quickly catch up to me in the end so the break will be good.

My relationship with Rebekah and B continues to grow. I LOVE talking with her and emailing her. Its a wonderful friendship we are developing. I am so thankful for that. Its exactly what I wanted. I am now starting to regret that they are so far away, but I know that it will all work out and God has a perfect plan for it all.


Lerin said...

I hate that feeling of getting the epidural too. I was lucky to have a GREAT anesthesiologist for my third, so it was the least uncomfortable one I've had. The pain relief is worth it, but those tingle-shocks are AWFUL. I've tried to explain it to others, but no one knows what it is like unless they've been through it!

mak'n Changes said...

99 days? That's like 3 months. Jeez!
When do the kids go to their dads for the summer? How much time will u have between them leaving and your due date? Will someone stay with you or when its D day will you drive yourself to the hospital? When will the adoptive patents be their? What's the rules on that? You have me intrigued with adoption so I've been looking at it online. Their are so many rules. My main question is after you give birth will they be able to take him to where they are staying until everything finalizes? And how long will that take. I know u talked about it before but what is the law in your state concerning the birth father? And how will they get a hold of him to sign release papers? I've got all these questions. I've always wanted to adopt. I didn't realize all that went into It crazy!
Anyway be blessed. I speak blessings over you and the baby and the adoptive family. I plead the blood of jesus over the entire situation.

Ginger said...

I had the Epi for my first three...and I never had the shooting electric shocks or anything like what you describe. It was always in with the slight sting of the needle for the local and then pressure from the Epi needle and done...and 20 minutes later, pure relief.

I used to think I couldn't have a baby without an induction and an Epi...and then I had my fourth...who came on her own. I was only at the hospital for 20 minutes...and complete the first time they checked me. I felt so great after the natural delivery that I was amazed.

I hope you have an uneventful 99 days and an easy delivery!

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog randomly, and I must say I think you are really brave.

Brad said...

Hi Rebekah. I have been following your blog since you posted on mine some weeks ago. I have especially been watching the comments you receive, and your reaction to them.

Now, first off let me say that I am not a single parent to four children. I have no idea what that would be like, but as a co-parent to one toddler I can only say how amazing you must be to do four times the job my wife and I do, all on your own. I can understand how the prospect of a fifth child to take care of on your own must be daunting. Adoption may indeed be the answer for you - it actually is the right choice for some people. It was the right choice for my wife and me.

Having said that, I hope you will pay a little attention to some of those comments you have been receiving that you term negative. Some of them may be worded harshly, but the intent behind them is to arm you with knowledge, which is never a bad thing to have, and will prepare you to make the choice that is right for you when the time comes. There is nothing worse than regrets.

While none of us may know what it is like to single parent four kids, we do know what it is like to lose a child to adoption. As the saying goes, you never regret the kids you do have, only the ones you don't.

Imagine for a moment that you were single parenting three kids when Skyler was conceived. Imagine you had met R and B, and that you had placed him for adoption with them. Imagine not having Skyler's smile in your life every day. Imagine watching someone else be his mommy. Imagine getting to see him once a year, if you are lucky. Would you happily hand him over to R and B tomorrow? Would that make you feel like a good mother? Redeemed in the eyes of God and man?

Adoption is not the road to redemption. Placing a baby for adoption does not buy you angel wings. Your virtual cheer squad may continue to tell you how wonderful and brave you are, but most of society will look down on you for this choice. You will lose some small part of your humanity in their eyes. I am sorry to say that your so-called negative commenters are actually doing you a better service than your cheerleaders. Between agency and potential adoptive parents, you have more than enough people to cheer you on. You have more than enough people who will be bitterly disappointed if you decide you want to parent after all, and the more people you are disappointing the harder it is to make that choice. Just remember you are making this choice for you and for your kids - all your kids, not just your forthcoming son. Adoption definitely has an effect on parented kids, whether they are older or younger than the adopted sibling.

Anyways, I wish you the very best in your pregnancy and delivery, and wisdom in your future decisions.