Thursday, March 26, 2009

View from my back porch!!

Today we got a blizzard. Well they call it "blizzard conditions." I was sad because we really didn't get much of a winter this year. When yesterday it was in the sixties and today we are around 15 degrees, it is a little bit of a shock. But, I had to document it. I also made some yummy cheesy, corn, potato, and broccoli soup for this chilly day. It turned out yummy, but again I made to much. LOL I also took a video of our March blizzard from my back apartment patio.

Today I am 27 weeks. The baby is almost 2 pounds and around 14 inches long. He is growing eyelashes and if born now could survive. But of course, we want him to cook a little longer. As always, I can tell he is getting very strong because once today he kicked so hard it shook my whole belly. LOL It was so cool. I wish R and B were here to experience this. I just have to make sure to log it here so she and he can at least read about it.

The adoption agency called today. She said that she learned that the baby was a boy from Rebekah and B and that they were excited as all heck. (those were not her exact words LOL). She then said to me "How does it make you feel that you are having a boy." I told her it felt great but "WHY?" She said "Well with you having two girls I didn't know how it would make you feel to have a boy." I laughed, and said to her "Well I have two boys to." LOL She was so sweet but shocked and said that I had my hands full. She has not received any paperwork from me so she doesn't know much about me so it was a legit question but I do think I shocked her. To funny.

Well I am out of work for a bit. The dad of the little ones I work for has been laid off. Im not that upset or worried about it. My bills are paid and I am certain that he will find a job. He is looking really hard and assures me that they still need me but it will be a bit of a break. Like I said, I am not worried. Me and God had a talk (grin), and I know he will take care of everything.

Here is my soup!!



mak'n Changes said...

That soup looks yummy! Did the kids have the day off because of the snow? Jeez I don't even know what that is like. Someday I will experience the snow.

Angie said...

Ohmigosh that soup looks so good. I would love the recipe. We haven't had snow since Feb. we had a big storm and hopefully that is a thing of the past.

Kriss said...

R, if you sew I bet you could make a ton of shoes!!! Here is the link I used to learn how..
Also, I know you cut out quilt stacks. I just usually either cut out a quilt piece or use a quilt stack piece, iron in the edges, pin it onto a onesie and then sew around it. Target has the best onesies that are not to thin and not to thick. Cheap too!