Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter photos!!!

Here are some photos from Easter.

Sitting down at my very small kitchen table to eat Easter lunch.

My sister made home made candy eggs for us all and put them in these cute little Easter buckets. So cute!!
Here is my sister and my mom looking so very pretty!! Oh look, theres Skyler to. :)

Victoria displaying a very pretty pair of earrings that were in her Easter basket.

Ill post more tomorrow after my appointment tomorrow. Today I am so sore. I am desperately trying to pass out my AVON books, but I soon discovered that my hips cry out after about two blocks. I am not used to this. I normally have unending energy to go go go all day long. I still have energy, but the pain is to great to go on sometimes. Uggg!!!!!


mak'n Changes said...

Love those photos! Victoria is blowing my mind! She is so gorgeous! Your mom and sis look good. I'm happy you posted these. Looking forward to tomorrow.

mak'n Changes said...

I had to stop by again and look at your pictures. They are so special! I love seeing your mom and anj, I don't get to see many pics of them. Skyler is so handsome in his sweater vest, matthew looks just like his dad in that pic, chelsea is gorgeous as always and victoria, she is blossoming into a gorgeous little lady. In these pics and from your prior post I was taken back by how beautiful victoria is. Becky u have a beautiful family! I could cry. I am actually! *laugh* I'm so so proud of you!