Wednesday, May 20, 2009

35 weeks!!

Wow time is ticking down now really fast.

I did have a good day. I went to the doctors (ill cover that in a minute) and then I went to Panera bread with my counselor from the agency. It was wonderful to sit and talk to an adult without my kids around. She had her sweet little girl there but I was not responsible for her so it was no problem for me. I had a delicious bowl of cheese and broccoli soup with some unsweetened iced tea. So yummy.

My doctors appointment went OK. There are a few concerns. My EKG that I had done in the hospital the other day (did I blog about that?) came back a bit abnormal. At first they thought that my heart problems were due to anxiety but after further testing it might be a cardiac problem. This does not concern me TO much because it does run in my family and is easily managed; however, I am pregnant (ha ha obviously) and so the baby is the main concern. So the heart thing will be looked at by a cardiologist (as soon as I make an appointment.) :)

The other concern is that I am now spilling protein in my urine (1+ percentage). From what I understand, my 1+ is not enough to be diagnosed as preeclampsic but it is enough to be put through more testing. SOOOO, the rest of the week will involve me going to the lab to get some tests done. Ill let you all know about that. Boring I know.

Baby boy is doing fine. He likes to fall asleep right when I get into the doctors office (he is kicking like crazy in the waiting room) which is not a great thing because he has all these tests he has to pass and when he isn't up and moving around, they beat on my stomach with metal kitchen spoons. Yep, you heard that right people, kitchen spoons. It is meant to see how his heart rate responds to stimulation. So much fun right? LOL

So, all in all it was a good day, but it does show me that time is short, and this is the time in my pregnancy that things start going south. My body does really good until the end, and then it starts pooping out on me. :(

Ill have to talk Rebekah in to glamming up another belly photo so that I can post it here. I just don't look good until she does her special things to it. So what do you think Rebekah? Can you glam up that last one for me?


cc said...

I'm glad you had a good lunch today along with some 'adult time'.

I'm so sorry to hear of the complications. I will be praying for both of your concerns.

Please keep me posted and I'm sure your other followers will want you to update also.

I would love to see a belly pic of you. That would be so cool.

When is your due date?

Good Night...

mak'n Changes said...

Girl! You are going thru so much with this pregnancy! What the heck! You know your body, do u think you will deliver early? Your poor little body is going thru su much. I know me saying his doesn't help BUT I wish I could be closer to you so I could help out. I'd take the kids off your hands so you can get some rest. But since we live so far away u can guarantee my prayers. I love you lady!

Mike and Alicia said...

You are super woman, I am so glad I found your blog! I'll be following along! I think you would also find this blog interesting.
:) Alicia

Lerin said...

Heart problems and possible pre-eclampsia and you are still as cheerful as ever in this post! Your optimism is a gift! I am praying for you in these last weeks. Many blessings on you and baby!

Rebecca said...

Hi...I found your blog a few months ago through a link on another blog and probably through yet another link on that blog...and I'M SO GLAD I DID!

You are an AMAZING mother and woman to go through what you are...I praise you for that! YOu could have chose a different road for your baby, but you decided on a wonderfully heroic and selfless one. So awesome!!!

I was going to comment awhile ago on your heart issue, and I thought it would have been silly for a stranger to do so, but I'm doin' it anyway!

When I was pregnant with my middle child 15 years ago, I was having super-fast heart "racing." It was beating between 200-300 times per minute at times. They strapped the heart monitor on me, did an ultrasound on my heart, and diagnosed me with PAT...some sort of tachycardia. They gave me meds and sent me home.

After I gave birth, I was having symptoms which I thought were right along with post-partum healing, I guess. I mentioned these symptoms to my doc, and he ran a THYROID test. I found out that my thyroid had gone amuck while I was pregnant and simply quit functioning. (I'm hypothyroid.) He started me on thyroid medication...and my heart palpitations stopped!!! A few years later, I started seeing a different doc. I gave her the run-down on my past, and she told me that I probably didn't have ANY heart was my thyroid all along.


You may have had thorough bloodwork and a thyroid condition has been ruled out, but just MAYBE...

God bless you and your family! You are such a blessing and an inspiration!