Friday, May 22, 2009

Not the most elegant post!!

This post is not going to be funny or witty or anything. I just thought I would sit and document how I was feeling. I am not depressed or sad, but my body feels that way. UGGGG!! I want to make sure just to document all that I can for the pregnancy so I will remember.

I have SOOO much to do. Tomorrow is my moms birthday and we are celebrating tonight. I have so much on my mind that I want to get accomplished but I just cant manage to do it. I did however get the kitchen really really clean, to the point where I couldn't stop looking at it. Do you ever do that? It was so clean that I just wanted to stare at it. LOL Weird hugh? I also went to drop off my "sample" from my 24 hour test that I had to do to test how much protein is in my AHEM urine. Nasty hugh? After that I did manage to go to Walmart. It was not like I had to get a lot of stuff, but I do not walk fast anymore, in fact its kinda like watching an elephant walk, very slow, very big. UGGGG!!!! So, I slowly walked through Wally world and got what I needed, got home and waited for the kids to bring in the five gallons of milk and everything else.

I did find one BIG treasure at Walmart. I needed some new socks for the hospital in the worst way. So today I decided I was going to splurge and get some socks. I found two five packs of the socks I like (more like footie's) for $2.50 a piece. That's TEN pairs of socks. I feel very rich now that I have so many new socks. SOCKS are MY thing. I LOVE them but they have to be the ankle type or footie's I guess you call them.

So I am feeling just really tired today. I DON'T want to sleep but I feel really drugged and I'm not on drugs. I wanted to get a Mountain Dew for a pick me up but I cant have caffeine with my heart problems. So I am just drinking water and milk. My tail bone is starting to hurt as well so that tells me that baby is getting bigger and may be sitting in a different spot now. It all points to the impending birth. I cant wait.

I am in good spirits. I have nothing to be sad about except that my body is just really hurting. That for me is really hard to deal with especially when I have FOUR kids to care for.

Well I am off to make home made Beef Stroganoff for my moms birthday dinner tonight. I bought the meat already cut so that would cut down some time for myself and my sister made (from scratch) carrot cake for desert. We bought her a really nice Terry cloth robe (a long one) from Bed Bath and Beyond. She will love it, especially since she will be having MAJOR open back surgery this Tuesday. More on that later. I just wanted to post an update.

Hope you all are doing well. Oh and here are some pictures of little Sky jumping on his trampoline this morning. I also threw in one that I took of our dog Maggie this morning. She is so cute. Sorry my pictures are not that great of quality. Some day I will have a camera that does all the fun tricks.


mak'n Changes said...

Please give your mom my love. Give your mom a hug for me. Also.....I didn't know she is having surgery! What's wrong and will she have someone there to take care of her? My gosh!
Are u excited to be done with the big belly syndrome? What are you planning to do with your time this summer? I hope you are are able to get out and pamper yourself a little bit. I sure love you girl!

Lerin said...


Of course you are feeling down, sweetheart! This is the hardest part of pregnancy, and having other ones to care for at the same time is even more difficult! I know how tired and achey your body feels. HUGE HUGS for you.... you are almost done!