Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crazy surreal moment today!!!

If you have not yet read my blog post I just made about five minutes ago, then scroll down to find out how my doctors appointment went today.

I had to post this on a separate blog. Today when I went to the hospital I walked in and was blown away. THIS was the same waiting room that I came to 26 weeks ago when I was about six weeks pregnant. I KNEW that the baby's sperm doner had left me but I had not yet decided on adoption. All I knew on that day in that moment is that I was bleeding again. I had feelings of happiness because I thought possibly that this nightmare would be over, but then moments of sadness because I never want to loose children and this would have been my second.

So today I sat in the same chair in the waiting room, went into the same triage room to have my vitals taken and I believe it was the same room that I lay in all those weeks ago, bleeding, confused and not sure of what was going to happen.

Of course, this baby didn't die. HE LIVED!!! I'm so glad he lived. I'm so glad and feel so blessed to be carrying him, and I am SO excited to make Ben and Rebekah parents....ALTHOUGH....I don't like taking credit for it because (this will be a run on sentence) I didn't do it at all. At any moment this baby could have died, but GOD chose to let him live, not by anything I did or didn't do, but I believe because he wanted to answer two peoples prayers to become parents. How amazing is that. So today was a weird day, but a WONDERFUL day (despite the reason I was there) because it really brought things into perspective for me.

And THAT is why I put it all into two posts. LOL


mak'n Changes said...

This entire story is movie worthy and just amazing.

God's girl said...

Wow, sounds like your day was very busy and emotional. Still praying:)


Anonymous said...

I thought I was done crying, today! :) God is so good and knows exactly how to bring fullness to each situation. I'm thankful for his redemption...and I'm thankful for you!

- R

LL said...

I am so glad he lives too!