Friday, May 15, 2009

Adoption updates!

Well, what an exciting week right? LOL I am still strapped to my heart monitor. I am pleased to say that my heart has been behaving itself,to some extent. I have had a few episodes and am hoping the monitor has cought them. My doctor called and said that she things I am having anxiety attacks. I don't know what those are or what they feel like but I don't feel comfortable taking more medications and that is what they are going to suggest. We will see.

I learned today that the attorney has all the paperwork filled out for the birth father to terminate his rights. He should be served within the next few days. When I heard that SOOOO many thoughts swirled around in my head. Will he throw them away? Will he sign them? Will he call me? OH NO!!! What if he calls me? What do I say? I cant be mean to him because I want him to sign. After he signs THEN I can yell at him and give him a piece of my mind. I do think that the best thing for him is to leave it in the Lords hands. I believe God handles those things best anyway, but boy I could give him a piece of my mind. UGGGGGGG!!!

So I don't know what is going to happen. So many questions, and I have to wait and find out.

I am trying to just go about my day and take care of myself. Today my greatest problem is the pressure and pain I feel in my pelvis. I seriously could not walk for a couple hours. It was horrible. I am feeling better now after sitting for awhile. I am sure its his sweet head resting on my pelvic bones down there. LOL How can I blame him? Everyone needs a place to rest there head right?


Anonymous said...

My best friends are both having a lot of pelvic pressure and must be getting close to time :).

- R

mak'n Changes said...

"Everyone needs a place to rest there head." Gawd that was the cutes comment I've seen in years! Im glad your heart has calmed down, if it is anxiety attacks, that would certainly make sence, since you are going thru so much right now. This is so interesting! I talked to chelsea yesterday and told her how excited i was for them to come to town. I cant wait! We are gonna have some fun times! Love you forever!!!!

cc said...

I'm praying that you will feel peaceful in the next few days/weeks as you have a lot going on.
Your older children leaving, your anxiety attacks (who can blame you for that), having to worry about adoption papers being signed, and the natural pains of carrying a baby.
Wow, that's a lot at one time.
My prayers are with you.

CeCe in Mississippi

Lerin said...

I've got those same awful pains!

I hope the signing of the papers goes okay. My ex ignored all of the court stuff with my first little girl, so the judge ended up terminating his rights by default.