Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Your killen me kid!!!

Those were the exact words of the cardiologist today when my son (the three year old) was taking paper clips and hiding them under the bed in his office. I got the feeling that he didn't have kids so I asked him if he did. His response was "I do but they usually just chill like your other son." LOL It was so hard for me to sit and listen to him while at the same time watch my little guy. He kept telling Skyler to sit down. So Skyler would sit down, give the doctor a high five....and then get back up again. He particularly liked playing with the model of the plastic plaque filled heart vesicle sitting on the desk. At least this doctor didn't have any fake vagina's sitting around. I figure a heart vesicle was better then a vagina. (grin)

Anyway, I did make it through the appointment with my three youngest kids despite having to UNDRESS my top and go through another EKG, in which the lady had to do a few times because of all the kids in the room. HOOOO HUMMM!!! Such is life.

The GOOD news is that I suffer (in short) from a very fast heartbeat in my upper heart. There is nothing that can be done except to stay hydrated and take my blood pressure medication. My condition is not one that is hurting the baby or myself and in the future I might need to undergo an ablation. I am not sure I spelled that right and if you don't know what that is you can look it up because I am not all together sure myself. So for the time being, it should not affect the baby or myself and we will basically deal with it in six to eight weeks after baby is born.

My moms surgery went well. We went to see her again today. They had her up and sitting on the side of the bed and that went well. I am amazed at what these doctors can do. Before the surgery I was able to meet moms doctor and shake his hand and I thought "these hands will be in my mom soon." And I was amazed at the handy work they do on peoples bodies. Its shocking. (in a good way) Please still pray for a good recovery for my mom.

My next OB appointment will be Friday.

The kids leave Sunday, HOLY COW, which is just a few days away.

Today we went to check the mail and we had a package from Rebekah and Ben. Victoria and Matthew were squealing with glee. We ran home to get open it and found a present for Skyler which was a four or five pack of cars. At this moment it is the best gift a mom can get because he will be occupied with it for a few hours. THANK YOU SO MUCH R AND B. For the other kids came a big summer beach bag full of all kinds of goodies for the kids on the airplane this Sunday. How thoughtful can two people be? I am so thankful. It had games and fun rubber balls and bracelets and candy and chips...pretty much everything a kid would want for a trip. HOW EXCITING!!! Thank you so much.

So, I am going to be brave today and post a picture of (half) of my bare belly. You will see my stretch marks, which are my badges of honor for having all these kids. It is not glamorous or pretty, but I do have a bit of pride for this little one inside and I wanted to show him off while I have him. Soon we will be waiting for pictures of him from his momma and daddy, so for now its my turn.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you are SO welcome. We had fun picking everything out!!

Next time you show off that whole, big, beautiful belly - You look AMAZING!!

Praising God for your good heart report and your mom's surgery!

- R

cc said...

The story of your son at the Drs office is so funny. I know it's hard to take kids with you to appt's.

I'll be praying for your heart condition. Does the Dr think it could be pregnancy related and may go away (or at least ease up) once the pregnancy is over?

I loved the belly pic. Thanks for being brave and showing it.

Now you go sit down, rest and relax while your little one occupies himself with his new cars and trucks. Cute video.


mak'n Changes said...

I love that belly picture! Im glad you decided to post it. How cool of R and B to send the kids gifts, I cant believe there coming on sunday! What the heck! Im gonna give them a few weeks with their dad and then im gonna start buggin. I am going to Jolene's house this weekend to cut her hair and she has a pool and 3 of her own kids, so Im gonna ask her if i can bring your kids and my neices and nephews over to swim. It will be a huge screaming fun party. We'll see what happens.
Im glad your heart is ok, and Im glad you are cherishing these moments with the little man in your belly. I cant wait to see pictures with his new mommy and daddy. What an amazing lady you are Becky! Im so proud of you!

~Katie said...

Wow...all I can say is wow. -R, I would soooo love to talk to you. I can feel your heart and know your soul. Your birthmother is beautiful. Your relationship is BEAUTIFUL. I send pictures and letters to our birth parents. I don't hear back, but it's in their time. If it never happens, then that's ok. If they do ever open the mailbox and there are letters, then we will rejoice for our children. Adoption is a gift for both parties, and I can't tell you how much I respect the both of you!

Prayers and Thoughts coming you ways...

Laurie said...

Oh I love it!! I can't believe the time is so near. What a trooper you have been throughout this pregnancy to face one obstacle after another! I can see how blessed you are to have B and R too! I just LOVE, LOVE open adoption!! What a beautiful picture of our God's love and care for us!

Anonymous said...

Cute pic, you look great!!
I wanted to comment on ablations. I myself have had three of them. I suffer from SVT. I'd be glad to share my knowledge...if you want :)
Take care

God's girl said...

Ahhh...I love pregnant bellies! So cute.

I think it's awesome that you have a relationship with the adoptive parents. I'm assuming from the comments that's who it was. Sorry, I haven't been following very long and I've been trying to puzzle things together. Anyway, that's awesome.

I love the way you described your visit with the Dr. and having your kids there. You had me busting a gut. Thanks for the "beginning-of-the-day" laugh:)

Have a great day! Heaven

Daveda said... and appointments, always good for a laugh! Funny!

I found your blog from Heavens blog, and thought I would drop over and say hello. I am surfing blogs through Blogger Appreciation Week and have come across a lot of awesome people, you included!

Looking forward to following you.

If you want to participate in Blogger Appreciation Week stop by...we would love to have you!

LL said...

What a beautiful belly!

Praise God for your mom's sugery and your heart!

Praise God for B and R!

Thank you for your comment on my latest post on my blog. I was kind of hesitant in writing it because you were on my mind. Please understand that I have no problem with sending S pictures it always takes me off guard when she asks so soon after I just sent pictures spontaneously (sp). It makes me feel like I am letting her down although how can i be when I just sent her pics?!

Anyway, thanks again. May you get lots of rest from here to due date. Prayers for you!