Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Have you ever..........?

Have you ever just had one of those days? I'm talking about one of those days that seems to start out perfectly but ends up being crazy and chaotic?

I'm so done today. Everything seems to overwhelm me. I cant think straight, I seem to be just wondering around the apartment looking at everything that needs to be done, and then sitting down again, with nothing getting accomplished.

First thing this morning I put my bra on and it breaks. I blame in on my pregnancy boobs. Its unfortunate because now I am waring a bra that doesn't really fit. Have you ever seen those people that have bras on that don't fit and they have boob spilling over the top of the bra...essentially making four boobs instead of one? Well that would be me today. Embarrassing....OH YEAH!!!

To top off my day I took Chelsea to the dentist because she has been having tooth pain. While I am waiting in the waiting room watching my three year old topple over a one year old, I run over to stop him and then I smell him. No, not the one year old...yes the three year old. So I told the receptionist that I was going to my car to get a diaper and I would be back for the 13 year old in a minute. Yes Yes, I know he should be potty trained but I can seem to get my big pregnant self modivated to do it.

When I get down the elevator to get the diaper I see that my car is lopsided and the rear back tire is COMPLETELY flat. In that moment I told myself that I was NOT going to stress out. Stress has a funny way of creeping up on you though. You can tell yourself to stay calm as much as you can but really, there is nothing you can do about it. I just kept thinking about how hard it was going to be to change a tire at nearly nine months pregnant, and my daddy taught me to change a tire so I know how, but I did decide that I SHOULDN'T change a tire in my condition. Fortunately I did find a sweet friend that was able to come and put the spare on for me just in time for Chelsea to get out of the dentist.

I did get the tire repaired, which in itself was an adventure. Have you ever spent over an hour in a tire repare shop waiting room with a three year old and a thirteen year old? Do you know what is in there? YEP!! A bunch of tires and chairs. I have the thirteen year old mad at me because she wanted to go to school, the three year old sending tires down the waiting room (I'm not kidding) and a man who I think was showing a little to much interest in me and the kids. It was weird. I was glad when he left.

I did eventually get home. And you think that the day would have calmed down, but it didn't. My son (the nine year old) decided it would be fun to move my direct TV satellite dish. I mean come on, WHAT HARM COULD IT DO? (sigh) Yes that's right. On the night that American Idol, and dancing with the stars are premiering for there last performances, I have no television. NONE AT ALL. And I wont until Thursday. I'm not really that upset about it. Those shows are exciting but I use the TV more for comfort then to watch it. It makes me feel like there are adults around and I don't feel so crazy sometimes. Weird I know.

As of now, I do have all four children and one dog in bed. I did manage to get through this day although it was very hard. I am almost certain that these heart problems I am having are due to anxiety. I am having a hard time keeping my heart at a regular beat tonight. The carpets need shampooed, the kitchen floor needs moped, clothes need folded, and the list goes on....but Im going to have to let it go and sit down and rest. Ill tell the doctor about all of this hear stuff tomorrow. I have not heard anything about my 48 hour home heart monitor test.


Have I heard anything about my surprise? Nope. The only information I could gleam out of my daughter was that I probably wouldn't know about the surprise for a couple months. Does that mean around the time the baby is born? I have no idea. I don't want to pressure her because someone has asked her to keep trust and I don't want her to break that. Although I know the five dollars I offered her was tempting. LOL

Well I guess that is it for tonight. I will go and find a DVD to watch. The pickings are slim around here as far as our movie collection goes. Oh well. Maybe Ill just blog surf. Good night everyone!!!


cc said...

Oh sweet friend...what an eventful day you had! No wonder you haven't been on Twitter today.

Well, Shaun won on Dancing tonight if you haven't heard. That's who I was pulling for out of her, Melissa & Gilles. I loved watching Shaun on the Olympics, so I was proud for her.

You didn't miss much on Idol...That big finale is tomorrow night. I don't think it matters who wins, Adam or Kris...they are both going places. However, I did place more votes for Kris than Adam.

Keep your head up girl...things will get better. You have a lot on your plate right now.
I'm here if you want to Tweet.

CeCe in MS (nonna59)

Rachaellh said...

Praying for you to have a good night's sleep and renewed energy tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

This could be a comedy sketch! You have such a great spirit about you...kind, patient, laid back - they are WONDERFUL qualities!

Only a few weeks longer...

- R

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your day :(

I hope tomorrow is better.

And....thanks CC for ruining Dancing with the Stars for me !! :(

cc said...

To Anonymous: I'm terribly sorry I ruined Dancing for you. I had no intention of doing that for anyone. Please accept my apologies.


Anonymous said...

Its okay...no worries.

mak'n Changes said...

My gawd becky! This is why I tell u that you r the strongest person I know! I don't know how the heck you do it. You amaze me girl, for real! Oh hey, your last comment on my recent blog had me crackin up. Ur funny.

Paulette said...

Man, what a day... Hopefully today is a bit more peaceful!

~Katie said...

Oh My Goodness... Life has a way of making things hard on us when things are already almost unbearable. Then, just when you think you are catching a break and going to have it easy.. SAMCK! Ugh, So Sorry sweetie. I hope today is going better for you and I hope 13 is tooth pain free! :)

Ginger said...

Sounds like a rough day. You deserve ice cream.

Jen said...

Sorry you had such a tough day-- if it makes you feel any better, I love the way you wrote about it--made me laugh....sometimes all you can do is laugh I guess!

cc said...

How did your Drs appt go?

God's girl said...

Sorry you had a chaotic day! If it makes you feel better, you had me busting a gut with your boob comments. "This too shall pass"... and tomorrow is a new day! Praise God for new days!

Blessings! Heaven

Irritable Mother said...

Oh, my! Yes - I have.
The weird thing is, sometimes those days produce almost as much laughter as they do tears. I come to a point when I just have to laugh because of how perfectly horrible things seem, and then somehow they get worse.
But we make it through. Because God is good and faithful.
Thanks for sharing your wonderfully awful day. *grin*