Thursday, May 14, 2009

CRAZY Doctors appointment!!!! And a funny!!

First for the funny. Skyler (the three year old) just pointed at an ant crawling on the floor and said "Look mom, spider man." To funny. He is still learning his bugs.

Second: my crazy doctors appointment turned emergency room.

I was so proud of myself for actually making it to my SECOND appointment for the week. As I have mentioned, I am ordered to go to the doctor twice a week from here on out. I complained and grumbled about it but there is no way around it. (wink)
So today was the second one, but the two previous days had been very weird to say the least. My heart has been going bazerk. It feels like a fish out of water in my chest. I have always had these heart flutters but not for two days I knew I had to tell the doctor about them today.

I knew I had to tell the doctor, and I knew that it would probably worry a lot of people, including myself. After all, being sent to the emergency room is not all together convenient for me because I have FOUR kids to worry about. I was blessed to have Amy (my case worker from the agency) watch Skyler (sweet girl) and my mom was able to make it to my house as the other kids came home from school.

OK, back to the story. So I go into the hospital and they put me in a room for four find out NOTHING. LOL My EKG came back normal as well as all the blood panels they did. I told them that I really was telling the truth and that my heart GENERALLY does freak out on me. They, of course, believed me but had nothing to prove my story from. So, in order to catch some of these weird heart palpitations on paper, I am strapped to an at home heart monitor for 48 hours. Now, its not a big machine, but I do have a lot of wires taped all over my chest and belly.

I am not at all upset that I have all these silly wires hanging off me because I want to get to the bottom of this. I now believe that because I was at the hospital laying on a bed, watching TV for four hours, was the reason I didn't have any freaky heart things, because now that I am home, my heart is starting it all over again. SIGH!!!!! But, its all being recorded. On Monday I will take this monitor to the hospital and they will download it and send it over to the cardiologist. (breath)

I am going to continue everything normally like I normally would because I want them to see everything.

Please, pray for baby boy. He did WONDERFUL on his biophysicalls. My amniotic fluid is high again, and baby was moving around like a he is doing great, but please pray that my heart thing is not affecting him. He is my heart right now, he means so much to me and I want him to be safe and healthy and I want him to enter the world normally, not out of an emergency situation.

Rebekah was so sweet today. I wasn't going to tell her this was going on until I knew what was going on but I ended up telling her because I knew she would want to pray for me. She sent a blog message out to her blog followers to pray. So sweet, and so needed. How did I find such a precious friend? Only God.

Here is a picture of baby boy today. He looks a little chubbier every day in all his five pound glory. Actually, I'm going to leave the picture at the top of my blog post. Now, when you look at the picture, he is looking right back at you, like he is laying on his side.

Sorry this is so long, just a lot to share.


Paulette said...

I've been praying for you and baby boy all along too. Try to take it easy.. for you and for "all" the kids sake!!

mak'n Changes said...

Yes! U got a very special friend in rebekah that's for sure. I can't wait to find out what the doctor says about ur heart. Since were blood and I have the same problem then maybe it will be what's wrong with me. Did that sound selfish? Sorry! How awesome that everyone came together to help u out. Alex n I will be praying for u. We love u forever!


Laurie said...

Bless your sweet heart....literally!
So glad to see the tests came back normal. My friend had the same problem in her pregnancy. It stopped after she gave birth and her baby was fine!

Hope that you can rest easy as you wait out this last month! Prayers are coming your way!!!

LL said...

God is good...God is great! So glad to hear that lil boy is ok. You all are in my prayers.