Friday, July 3, 2009


I am glad I have so many distractions. It keeps me busy not thinking about other things.

Today is potty training day. However we are running into some problems. My little guys BUTT is to big for the potty seat. He is three and a half and weighs 45 pounds. He isn't really fat but just really he just went pee pee on the potty seat (displayed in the picture) and his butt is so big that his wee wee doesn't have room to go into the it went all over the carpet. UGGGGG!!!! I think potty seats are out...and we will have to go straight to the toilet.

Isn't that just the saddest face you have ever seen. LOL He thinks the world has ended. Here was our conversation..

From mommy to Skyler: "Skyler, you are a big boy now, you don't need a diaper any more."

From Skyler to mommy: "No, I'm me, I'm Skyler, I want a diaper."


Reports from Rebekah and Ben and baby Ty tell me that there traveling is going super well. Baby Ty is sleeping a lot and they are able to just drive drive drive. Such good news right?


Camdon's Momma said...

My son is 3 and I am potty training him right now. He couldn't stand that potty chair and kept telling me it hurt him so I moved onto the big potty and he just decided the big potty meant he had to stand to pee. Surprisingly he gets it in there and not every else with no tricks on my part. Now working on BM's on the potty is the task I am facing.
Good luck on potty training today!

Sara said...

ohhhh, potty training, I dont think I would go back to those days for much of anything. Good news is he will probably pick up on it quickly. :) ok and I LOVE LOVE LOVE his response .... I am me, skyler ... so sweet!

allow yourself some time to go through the emotions of what yesterday meant for you. It is a process. Allow God the opportunity to begin mending your heart. I am praying He will make it clear to you anything you need to do for the healing to take place.
Blessings to you!

mak'n Changes said...

That pic of sky is hilarious! Poor kid! The conversation is too funny! I think I would have laughed when I heard him say that. Kids! *laugh* I am glad you are staying busy, keeping your mind on other things than ty. I imagine the pain will eventually fade, but Jeez! Mourning this loss is a hard one huh? I love this post beck! Thanks for sharing.


Rebekah said...

Poor little Skyler probably doesn't know what hit changes, now potty!! :)

I'm so glad you have some distractions and how nice both changes will be, when mastered!

Thinking of you lots!

Becky said...

Look at that face..........poor thing! You are right.....straight to the toilet! Potty training is so challenging for all.

I'm still enjoying following you and the other R on this joyful and painful journey! Thank you for sharing!

Midwest Mom said...

Thinking of you today with love and big hugs. I know these days might seem endless to you. Its my prayer that great healing will begin to take place for you and your sweet hurting heart.

Think you are amazing!!
With love and hugs,
Midwest Mom

Kriss said...

Oh my goodness what a very sad face. If it makes you feel any better Brady wasn't fully potty trained until he was almost four. Then one day he was and even at night. He still wears a pull up at night but not during the day. The thing that really helped was taking him to get Lightening Mcqueen underwear at Target. We made this big deal about not pooping or peeing on Lightening. That was all it took.

debbiedoO said...

thinking about you over the holiday, wondering how the process is going? praying 4 you tonight before i sleep.

cc said...

I love this pic of Skyler. It's so cute. And I love that he knows who he is "Skyler" and that he knows what he wants!!
Good Luck with the potty training.

You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs to You,

Lerin said...

That picture made me laugh so hard! I had a friend ask me about potty training with Ben (he's 2 and a few months now) and I told her we haven't even started, and don't plan to til he is three!

lisapooh98 said...

Hey, just thinking about you and wondering how the new food thing and the potty training thing are going for Skyler and you! Hope all is well in your house!

KY Mom

Tammy On the Go said...

Saw you at the end of the blog hop...welcome

Anonymous said...

Well since Skyler wont eat the cheerios, you could put them (just 3) in the big potty and let him try to aim for the cheerios. This really works for potty training as it is a game for the big boys who get to stand and go pee pee.