Thursday, July 23, 2009

FIrst day of day care through the eyes of a video!!

I decided to chronicle our day with a bit of video. Unfortunately I don't look very glamorous with my double chin but this IS my life....double chin or not. And by the way, I am working very hard at getting rid of the extra its a work in progress.

OUR DAY***********************
Our day started like any other day at FIVE o'clock. Sheesh!! Anyway, I tried to get some breakfast down him and both of us showered. I also tried to get him to go pee on the pot but that was not going to happen this morning. We FINALLY got out the door and into the jeep.(sorry for chewing a piece of gum in this video, I don't know what I was thinking)
I really don't think Sky knew what was going on. Not to mention that Skyler has been extra crabby and fussy lately. I don't know what is going on but he is just EXTRA obstinate, so needless to say when we got to daycare he didn't even want to get out of the jeep. I finally did get him out and we went in. Once he saw his "friends" he was ready to play although I did have to sneak out while he wasn't watching.
So I went about my day filling out applications and feeling like my eyes were going to pop out of my head from staring at a computer screen for so long. I finally decided to go and pick him up around three o'clock, and allowed my little pekingese pup Maggie to tag along.
My little boy did amazingly well at his "school" today. His teachers only complaint was that he would not lay down for nap time and he kept running out of the classroom. I had to laugh about that......that's my boy for sure. I am hopeful that he learns the boundaries and nap time soon becomes easier. Overall, I would call today a HUGE success.

So after a long hot day, we headed home. Skyler continued to show me his wonderful feisty personality by not eating dinner, so I gave him a nice bath and sent him to bed in hopes that sleep would cure his case of the fussies. He is currently sleeping peacefully on his favorite Spongebob pillow. Night night baby boy, mommy loves you.


Rachel said...

love that the camera is rolling while you are driving. :) Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Way to go!!! Thanks for sharing!

Sara said...

Oh waht a great day! loved the video! Thanks for sharing it with us!

mak'n Changes said...

I didn't get to see the video cause I'm on my phone but I will see it this weekend at my moms. I love the pictures and the story though! Did u cry or were u ok after you left him? So cute!
I had a blast with your older 3 today! Megan and chelsea hung out like we use to (I was having major flashbacks of us at their age). Victoria and emma finally started getting chummy half way thru the day and the boys chummed around as well although our matt seems to be a lot less mature than yours so it was an off and on thing for them.
I'm planning to get your three and meg n emma together monday to go swimming. It should b a fun day.
Today would have been perfect if u were here! I really miss you and could kick myself for not spendingmore time with you when I had the chance.
Love u

M/J Granata said...

Rebekah... I found you! I am committed blog friend of Rebekah's (Ty's adoptive mommy)!!!! I have been praying for you, diligently throughout this entire journey. I have followed your beautiful story and Rebekah's journey... now ya'll's life story!

My husband and I are waiting to adopt a little miracle as well.

I wanted to stop by and say "hi". Rebekah and Ben are two of the most incredible people, I believe, in this world. God has orchestrated such a special and unique bond between your families.

I am still praying for you... and would love to follow your blog. You are truly an angel. So special.

If you are interested in checking out my blog, email me...

We have recently been matched with a sweet mommy who is due the end of Oct./Nov... we will see how our sweet God orchestrates this one!

Praying hard for you...
Julie G :)

Chelle said...

So cute! What a fussy britches. I hope the night time nap cures his fussiness.

Two Hands said...

Isn't it such a relief that he did so well? I hope he woke up this morning fussy-free and ready to have a great day.
Thanks for the photos!

Karen - Mommy to four sweeties said...

What a cutie!

cc said...


I loved the video! Skyler is so cute.
He will get into the daycare mode and follow right along with all his new friends in no time (nap time and all). I think he did wonderful on his first day.

Good Luck with finding a job.
I haven't stopped praying for you!


Kathy Lang said...

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