Friday, July 31, 2009

Serious advancements in potty training....

I have not updated Skyler's potty training status in a while because nothing has been happening. TODAY we had some serious potty training advancements. I was laying on the couch after submitting resume after resume on craigslist(gotta love all those job postings on craigslist), when Skyler came up to me and said "I have to go bathroom." Boy you have never seen a big lady get up so fast. I couldn't believe my ears. He actually asked ME to take him to the bathroom instead of me fighting him to go time after time. I was shocked again when he repeated this wonderful behavior through the evening. I think we are making progress. Its about time for sure....because I was getting quite discouraged. GO SKY!!!!

Did I ever tell you what I almost names Skyler? I was really hooked on Luke Skyler for a long time...but after many people telling me that it was to close to Luke Skywalker...I opted out. LOL I guess it wouldn't be so bad to be named after a really cool movie character right?

The kids come home tomorrow. I was able to talk to there dad on the phone for exactly six minutes about it. He is not and has never been very personable. I should be thankful for the six minutes I got out of him. His computer games usually take precedence over everything. But I did get the information I wanted out of him and I will see my kiddos tomorrow.

And I leave you now with some nifty pictures that I took at the movie theater yesterday. Yes I did get some weird looks from people, who I am sure were wondering why the crazy lady was photographing the theater...but who cares. I had fun.

The movie was called "my sisters keeper." It was such a tear jerker. I'm glad I brought Kleenex.


PunkRockChic said...

Hooray for potty training! I love the name Skyler, by the way =)

You are truly an inspiration. I admire your transparency and your honesty and I appreciate that you allow all of us to follow along in your journey.

I gave you an award on my blog for how inspirational you are =)

mak'n Changes said...

You totally should have named him luke syler! That would have been awesome! Anyway GO SKY!!!!!! I am seeing "no" diapers in your future!!!! Big boy boxers for the little man... or will it be white-e tighties? Awe! Yay Becky! Im happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Sky!! Thats part of day care. They learn quickly to do as all the other kids do. I hated my kids were in day care and I was away from them but they learned so much being there that allows them to get along with other kids now that they are older I realize it was wonderful. He might have figured out he didn't want to be one of the only ones not going to the potty at "school" so now it will be easier. Good Luck!!


Kriss said...

I am reading the book and I can't turn the page without crying.- kriss

Rebekah said...

I SO want to see that movie!! I read the book and loved it!

I hope everything goes well with the kids, today. I know you're probably a mix of nerves and excitement.

We're thinking about you, today!!!

Camdon's Momma said...

Way to go Sky!!!! (and mom!!). With the big kids home it might get easier too since he will see all of them going to the bathroom. What a nice update!!!

Anonymous said...

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