Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Can you see him?

Can you see him in these 3D pictures? She tried and tried to get a good picture for me but his face is smack up against the placenta. He is measuring six pounds and fourteen ounces. I imagine he will weigh almost eight pounds at birth. He feels just a bit smaller then Skyler did.

He has one more week of growing because I go into the hospital to have him on the 18th. If I make it that far I will be so proud of myself. Lately I have just been WISHING he would come NOW. I do know that come next week when Rebekah and Ben are here and everything is going as planned, then I will be SO excited that it all worked out the way it did. Right now I am just NOT PATIENT!!!! Its hard to be when you are uncomfortable.

I am one centimeter dilated and starting to thin though so that is something right? LOL

On another note.....the agency has not received the paperwork from the birth father. This aggravates me a great deal. He said he mailed them last week...so I sure hope he is not LYING to all of us. Can you say JERK???????? Anyway, when I talk about the birth father it does not sound like me. I am not that way usually, but he brings out the bad in me. UGGGG!! The agency said I don't have to go to the court date....but sure as heck I will probably be there to see the birth father get terminated. I just feel like I want to be there....and I am thinking he might show up....because that is just how he is. I am thinking I might go.

Well, so there is my update. Skyler is doing much better. I am home today HOPEFULLY getting some things done around here. I did a no no today and had a coffee drink from Starbucks because I felt like I was going to fall asleep. I shouldn't have caffeine but I did.


cc said...

I see him! I see him! How sweet.
Girlfriend, you can handle another week until R & B get there. Wow, starting to dilate. Sit, relax and rock that baby!

I've been wondering about the paperwork. I kept forgetting to ask.
I will certainly pray for that to happen quickly.

So glad Skyler is better.
You've worked hard for that Starbucks, it's ok to indulge!

Take care.


mak'n Changes said...

Dang becky, ONE WEEK? That is crazy! I bet r@b feel like a kid at christmas time. Take care of yourself and don't forget to send me a text when you have that puppy! OH I mean kiddo. *wink*
Take care of yourself girlie.
Love you

Rebekah said...

Do I dare say I see Skyler when I look at baby boy???? I think it's the cute pudgy cheeks! :)

Anonymous said...

Can the biological father still mess this up for Rand B? I can see that sweet boy...he is adorable.

Lerin said...

Oh my sweet friend, this is the hardest part! Praying these last days fly by so you can have some relief.

Rebekah said...

To anonymous:
Good question. The agency keeps telling us that the birth father has no case, that even if he didnt sign and wanted to fight it that he has not supported me financially or emotionally and he will be terminated. The only down side to him NOT signing is that it might make the process longer, ultimatly making B and R stay in town a couple weeks longer. My only options are to believe what the agency tells me and have Faith that God is in control because I certainly am not in control of all this. :)