Monday, June 8, 2009

There are no words to describe....... big I feel.


Also, I joined a contest that you to can join by going to this site


Rebekah said...

Big and BEAUTIFUL! You're almost there!!! :)

mak'n Changes said...

You are beautiful!

Two Hands said...

I remember those last days of pregnancy. So tiring and uncomfortable. I hope the days go quickly for you and that you get all the rest you need (I know, unlikely, but still hoping).

Paulette said...

Simply Beautiful!

cc said...

Hey Hon, What a sweet video. It won't be long and that little baby boy will be making his appearance.

In the meantime, I pray that you will have rest and comfort.

Wow, I really wish I lived closer to be there for you now and help you with Skylar.

Take Care Sweet Friend,


God's girl said...

Awww...those last few weeks for me were very tiring:) Praying for the strength and comfort for the rest of this journey, and the beginning of the next. Thanks for showing your pregnancy belly. I love pregnant bellies...they are so cute!!! You're amazing:)


Lerin said...

Because you have a FULL GROWN BABY in there! :) XOX