Monday, June 1, 2009

Time moves on.....

Well today is the first day without the kids. Its not to bad. I'm still chasing after the three year old and my dog, LOL but that's not to bad. The house is really quiet and I find myself wondering what my kids are doing. No doubt the girls are still sleeping, but Matt might be up playing the new games his daddy bought him on the PS3.

Today, I will spend much of my time sitting with my feet up trying to relieve the swelling in my ankles, but I will also be piddling around the house, getting it clean from when the kids were here.

I have talked to the birth father twice in the past two days. He has not changed. He seems the same, although he does seem very will to participate and cooperate in this adoption which makes my little heart so happy. He doesn't seem at all interested in much that has been going on around here. I think he was giving me a lot of leading questions, of which I would only plainly answer. I will not fall into his trap of trying to get information from me that he doesn't need. He did ask yesterday what sex the baby was, and I told him it was a boy. He paused after I told him and then said...."OK." He wished me the best, I wished him the best, he said the papers and signed and notarized, and we ended our conversation. He did apologize to me for all that has happened, saying that it was his idea to have a baby and yes he did want it to work out but he was dealing with some anger issues. I really don't know what that means. I take responsibility for my part, I am the one who has to go through this, it doesn't seem very fair.....but life isn't fair.

I truly pray that he does turn these papers in.

So now, time moves on. Each day is a step closer to my goal of having this baby and being able to start new. The kids are off to there dads, and now I sit here and gestate a little more, swollen ankles and all. LOL


Paulette said...

My best thoughts and prayers are with you as this most anticipated time nears. I hope that BF signs the papers soon to help ease your mind, your health remains strong, emotionally, spiritually and physically and that you can sincerely take this time while the big kids are away to truly rest and gear up for what is to come. Peace to you!!

mommylicious said...

I am praying for you that God's will be done in your situation.

Put your feet up, don't clean too much! Enjoy your peace and quite while you have it!

~Katie said...

This is wonderful news that the BF is cooperating. You are all in my prayers. Rebekah, you continue to amaze me everyday. You are a beautiful soul. :)

cc said...

Girl, You sit and enjoy your 3 yr old. Watch movies and play with him. Don't worry about the cleaning. It can wait.
You need to stay off your feet as much as possible.
I'll email you afterwhile.


Anonymous said...

Rebekah, this post leaves me sad...I'm sad for YOU. All the things that could have been...all the things that were promised...

I pray that your heart will soon be healed from the pain...and that your return will soon be on its way.

Love you buckets full.
- R

Darcy said...

You have been in my prayers. I am praying for peace and strength for you for the upcoming event. However, I would love it if you would blog and let us all know of any specific prayers you would like said on your behalf. I would love to minister to your needs even though we are miles apart.