Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I have to post this!!

I am really struggling today and tonight. As I have said, my kids are (the older ones) are with there dad this summer for two months. I deal with this problem every summer so I don't know why I am complaining but here I go again.

The kids father feels that it is OK to let my children watch horror movies. Currently, I know that they have watched "Twilight" (which I know isn't that bad but HELLO, sucking peoples blood isn't normal) and most recently "The Grudge 3."

Now what happens is my children watch these movies all summer and then they come home to me and they will not go into there bedrooms alone, or take a shower alone, and they see "dead people" roaming around my apartment and are scared out of there wits.

I warned them before they left that if they CHOSE to watch those movies again this summer that I would NOT tolerate there silly "being scared" games here at home. They made there bed and they would have to live with it.

It just makes me so MAD that there father thinks its OK to watch JUNK like that. I just want to call him up right now and scream at him, but it will do no good as we have had this conversation before. I think I might email him and again tell him to tell the kids that I wont deal with any "IM SCARED" games when they get home.

"How do I know they are watching these movies?" You ask. Well my friends, my thirteen year old daughter is posting on facebook (where she knows I can read everything she writes) the movies she likes watching at her dads. Lovely hugh? Is she doing it to spite me? Because she knows I would NEVER let her do those things.

I HATE DIVORCE!!!!! It ruins everything!!!!! I wish her dad and I were more on the same page, but we never have been when it concerned the kids, or much else for that matter. Dont get me wrong, we dont fight, but its just a given that when they are with him...he drives the boat. I guess that is reasonable, but also can be quite confusing to the children, and breeds disrespect for me in my teen daughter.

Oh if things were just different.


mak'n Changes said...

I remember when I managed the group home. I came to work one day and found out the staff rented "the grudge" for my 7-12 year old boys. I was sooooooooo irate cause these kids were to scared to go to bed at night. You are right to be upset, kids have such sensitive spirits. I guess all we can do is raise them in the way they should go then pray that the lord would protect them when u cannot. Of course I have no children and its easy for me to talk. Sorry you are feeling frustrated.

Anonymous said...

That really stinks. I would hate to feel powerless, especially when it comes to the children. Stay strong and know that you can only be accountable for what happens on your watch!

Kriss said...

Twilight I could see as I don't remember them showing anything to scary or bad BUT the GRUDGE??? Ahhh, I would be upset too!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are havong to deal with this. It is not right to show them those movies and then expect you to pick up the pieces. You would think he would be looking out for the kids best interests and acting a bit more mature for a dad. He knows it is not right after you have pointed it out to him. Sounds like it is done in spite.

Lerin said...

Goodness, I would be MAD too! We are NOT meant to be exposed to crap like that. It injures our souls! I really believe that. My parents let us watch anything we wanted as kids, and I finally got smart enough to stop exposing myself to that junk when I was in college living alone. But I still TO THIS DAY get creeped out at night!

AND... I want to say that when my ex abandoned me and our baby when I was 21, I was devastated. Now that I am older and wiser, I am glad I don't have to fight with him over this kind of stuff. I'd never trust him to do the right thing by my daughter. I am SO sorry you have to put up with it.

cc said...

Divorce is so hard. I remember getting so frustrated when I would not allow my children to do things and they would go see their dad and get to do them anyway. He and I would go round and round about that.
I'm sorry you are having to deal with all that on top of everything else.