Monday, June 29, 2009


Today R and B, baby Ty and I went to church. Rebekah had mentioned going to church together a week or so when it was to become a reality that we WERE going to go I was worried. Its one thing to keep my emotions in check in front of family and friends but to go to church......I was really concerned because that is a place that I would NORMALLY cry anyway. I threw all that aside though. There was NO way I would pass up seeing the three of we went.

"Celebrate with those who celebrate, and weep with those who weep" were the words I heard from the pulpit. I have done so much weeping...and I feel that God has just been right beside me all the way. He has wept with me...and felt my pain. God knew what I would go through before even I I have never been didn't weep.....I celebrated. I celebrated for Rebekah and Ben. I cant imagine what endless months of infertility could do to a person. I cant even begin to feel the loss and pain of an empty nursery and empty arms...SCREAMING inside for God to do something. The road must have seemed so long for R and B. I saw all of that today...sitting in church. I cant tell you the joy I felt, knowing that R and B's arms are no longer empty...and soon, there nursery will be full. It was most certainly time to celebrate with them. I am honored to be a part of this huge miracle.

The blessings keep flowing. God is so good. It seems that no matter what corner I turn, I am hit with another blessing. They come in big and small packages...but none the less, I know they are from God...and through each one of them he seems to tell me "I'm with you."

Rebekah's friend Meeghan made the most spectacular gift for me. I am holding it in the picture above. Its a miniaturized quilt that holds Ty's stats on it. I could hardly hold in my emotion when I untied the ribbon and opened it today. It will be cherished forever. She made one for Ty as well, of course in a bigger size but the same pattern. Thank you Meeghan.

Rebekah also gave me Ty's going home from the hospital outfit. She thinks of me all the time. I have never once felt unloved by Rebekah. Her love for me pours out, and I am never guessing how she feels about me. I am truly truly blessed to have her and Ben in my life......and to have her as the mother of my child and Ben his dad, sometimes Its hard to take it all in.


mak'n Changes said...

I love that quilt! What a special day! I don't know how you heLd back the water works from flowing, especially at a place where one becomes transparent . I always weep in worship, I think I would have lost it. I'm so happy Rebekah treats you with such love and respect, she is a classy lady.
Love u becky, thanks for allowing me to be apart of this journey!

Chelle said...

That is so sweet. How wonderful for Meeghan to make such a special keepsake for you. I'm so glad you go to spend the day with R, B, and Ty.

~Katie said...

That is one Blessed Baby Boy!!

cc said...

What 2 very sweet special gifts. The quilt and then the 'going home' outfit. Both are such thoughtful gifts.

I do believe this adoption truly came as a gift from God to You and Rebekah & Ben.

You have such a heartwarming story to tell. You have been a part of a miraculous journey. You tell it the story so well.
Thanks for sharing it with all your readers.


Two Hands said...

You have a wonderful sense of empathy and can see how much cause there is to celebrate because of it. I'm so glad you've felt the presence of God with you. I know He will never leave you. You are one of amazing miracles and I will never forget you or what you have done.
Much love from many miles away.

God's girl said...

What a wonderful gift you have been given in so many ways, as well as the treasured moment to be with Baby Ty on his first visit to church:)

This story makes me continue to cry: joy in your celebrations, and tears for your pain. What an amazing, selfless, and wonderful thing you have done. I pray for multitudes of God's blessings to be showered from heaven for you and your kids.

Blessings, Heaven

LL said...

God is amazing! He has created a of pure love, respect and friendship!

Midwest Mom said...

Rebekah, you are one amazing person. And it is true that "what comes around, goes around". The love that you have shared with Ty and for R and B will be handed back to you twofold. I love hearing how God is taking care of you. Thanks for sharing.
Big Hugs!!!!

P.S. Going to church almost always makes me cry. I think it must have something to do with standing before the Lord and knowing He is before us :)

Kriss said...

I think that blanket is just wonderful. I think is also wonderful the thoughtfulness that R & B have.

Anonymous said...

As an adopted person myself I can say you made the most selfless decision a person can make.. HANDS DOWN!!!! Ironically, I am going through infertility as well and can tell you the pain is real and raw. What you did was help a couple heal from a very painful experience. I wish more women would chose adoption for their children. While, I know its painful the selflessness is so amazing.

Lerin said...

That is a sweet keepsake.

Trennia said...

I think what you did is allowing your son to be adopted made that woman a mother!